I learned that a fundamental flaw in living is to look for your own happiness alone. A kind of search for a castle in the air where you are the only inhabitant- a fool’s paradise they say, to be true. But the truth is, this life is not all about you. Sometimes we forget that other people’s lives and happiness are equally important as ours. Even if we are not forgetting it, there is still some glimpse of expectation inside us that they would do the same to us. Yes I admit. It’s disappointing that some people use your existence for their own advantages and leave you when they’re done with it. But know that life is a fair game; you win some and you lose some but the loss can be a great gain if you do it out of humanity. I am constantly learning to become selfless in a way that I can at least contribute something nice to people’s lives—be it if they forget or remember, I still have something to smile about along my way. God knows our intentions, and He sees our efforts. Little did we know He already has something to give us as a return. So just keep believing.

or just keep swimming.